This blog is a reflection of my journey as a member of the LGBT community, a seminarian, and a future minister.  I created this blog to offer a viewpoint from the edges of church inclusion.  These posts and reflections represent my point of view as a gay Christian and as a Christian in general.  This site is not just dedicated to the issues of LGBT Christianity but also to the issues of peace, hope, and reconciliation of all people of faith.  The reflections on this blog will tackle a wider range of issues that confront those who suffer violence and ostracism as a result of abusive faith and that seek to promote justice, reconciliation, and general non-violence in a broken and cynical world.

I hope to offer my personal views as a future faith leader, a current student of faith, and a member of the Presbyterian denomination.  Beyond that, I also hope to foster a sense of ecumenical cooperation and I invite participation from all people who encounter this blog.

I also hope to invite guests to post from time to time as a way of furthering the conversation that is our faith.

I am a Presbyterian Elder, a seminary student, the creator of the Armor of Light Initiative (more info to follow), and a gay man married to my wonderful husband of 13 years.  I am an uncle, a brother, a son, a cat lover, and a friend.  All of these contexts come together to inform my theology and my hermeneutic perspective.  I welcome you to my journey and I hope that what I offer here will help to bring about healing, hope, and reconciliation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Peace be with you.